Enzo Fittipaldi verlaat Ferrari Driver Academy voor overstap naar Amerika

Enzo Fitty to leave Ferrari Driver Academy and go to USA

Enzo Fittibaldi has announced that he is leaving the Ferrari Driver Academy. The Brazilian driver will compete in the United States next season, meaning he can no longer fulfill his duties in Italy.

The Ferrari Driver Academy was created to train and train young, new talents. Jules Bianchi was the first driver to join the program in 2009, after which the Youth Academy was able to attract many promising names.

Enzo Fittibaldi, the grandson of two-time world champion Emerson Fittibaldi, has long been part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. The Brazilian driver was scouted in 2016 and has achieved amazing things ever since. The 19-year-old driver drove in FIA Formula 3 last year, where he finished 15th this season. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Fidelity’s government in the United States.

Father Hamilton responded to the new contract: “He is glad to be able to do this for one more year.”read more

“I am very pleased to announce my move with Andrei / RP for the Indy Pro 2000,” he said on Twitter. “When I move to the United States, I regret that I can no longer continue at the Ferrari Driver Academy. I believe that competing in Formula 1 and IndyCar is a step in my dream,” he concludes.

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