Fatal Accidents and Spinal Cord Injuries: Slopes Dangerous Due to Hot Weather |  abroad

Fatal Accidents and Spinal Cord Injuries: Slopes Dangerous Due to Hot Weather | abroad

  • Marcus Stahlhofer

    31 minutes ago

    It’s great fun again with the comments here! A complete skating ban, proof of skating skill, etc… stop it. The truth is, many people hit the slopes with little experience (one week a year and a few hours on an indoor track) and with very false self-confidence. Skiing on heavy snow is tiring and makes it difficult to maneuver quickly. So adjust. Many don’t. In the nearly 30 years I’ve lived in Switzerland I’ve seen enough unsuspecting Dutch people lying in wrinkles

  • Godebald van Binsbergen

    59 minutes ago

    I think 99% of the commenters here have never been on skis. All winter sports enthusiasts have insurance anyway. The problem is mainly those who overestimate themselves, just like every day in NL motorcyclists, motorcyclists, motorcyclists and motorists overestimate themselves and, for example, get drunk behind the wheel, drive too fast through the light Al-Ahmar, or the man (23) from Delft who died yesterday after a shooting in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Just forbid, don’t stoop down the mountain with two sticks, it’s dangerous when the ski slopes aren’t safe, people think it’s too bad, when you’re not allowed to ski and it’s too expensive, well we can do pretty well without fake ski slopes, come up with something else

  • A little short-sighted to talk about ski bans. That’s not what this is about. However, about the responsibility of the owners of the relevant ski lifts and slopes. In a heavy snowstorm, the ski lift stopped working. So that would be appropriate here as well. You can’t expect skiers to memorize the conditions of an entire ski area on a daily basis. I will not claim that the victims could not skate well or were reckless.

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  • Ron Tumlow What is the cost of society? ban!!

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