Fastest Steeplechase in America

Fastest Steeplechase in America

By Peter Speck

At the US Southern and Eastern States Championships, Christel van den Berg ran 9.56.56 minutes. He defeated all the contestants and won the title. The US-educated Fortuna athlete showed confidence by running a restricted race in Louisiana. Kristel van den Berg saved her strength by waiting for her chance in third place in the lead group. Just before the bell rang for the final round, she picked up speed and ran away from her opponents. With a fastest final lap of 73 seconds, he impressively took the title in his final year of study in the US.

Ten medals

In their own country, the masters of the swimming club ZVVS also achieved the necessary success. Fewer than ten medals were won at the Dutch Championships. Willem Putter collected the most medals. Vlaardinger won a gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke and finished second five times. Connie Boyer-Pice took first place in the 200m freestyle. Irene van der Laan won the silver medal in the 1500m freestyle. Bas van den Nowlund finished second in the 50m freestyle. The title fight in Amersfoort came to an exciting end with the 4×50 freestyle relay with René de Jong, Jeroen Hoeksel, Bram Peeteriet and Bas van den Nowland. The Vlaardingen team finished second.

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