Fallen Angels open training in Arnhem

Fallen Angels open training in Arnhem

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 7:45 pm

ARNHEM – The Arnhem Fallen Angels’ Arnhem Roller Derby Association is looking for new players and referees. Roller Derby is a full contact sport on roller skates, where players knock each other off the track! curious? Anyone who wants to try this sport can participate in the open training on Tuesday, September 26.

Roller Derby originated in the 1930s in America, but disappeared during the Depression of the 1970s. In 2001, the Texas Rollergirls were able to breathe new life into the sport, and since then Roller Derby has grown rapidly in popularity.

Two teams compete against each other on an oval track. On the field there are five players from each team, four hurdlers and a jammer. The jammer, recognizable by a large star on the helmet, attempts to score points by getting past an opponent’s hurdles. Blockers may help her jammer by keeping other players out of the way. Does Roller Derby sound like a fun sport to you, but you don’t like hitting? The federation is also looking for governors.

Open training begins at 7.45pm at the Elderfield Sports Hall in Arnhem. The evening begins with a brief explanation of the sport and a presentation by the competition team. A demo lesson will follow, so you can try Roller Derby for yourself. The association can borrow sleds and protection temporarily. You can register via [email protected].


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