Facebook Pays to Warn People About the Dangers of TikTok

Facebook Pays to Warn People About the Dangers of TikTok

The US newspaper reported that Meta was going to hire the consulting firm Targeted Victory for the campaign Washington Post This agency’s campaign is said to be aimed at turning public opinion against Facebook competitor TikTok.

The newspaper received internal emails in which Targeted Victory was instructed to convince people that TikTok was a danger to children. Among other things, the email says Targeted Victory should “spread the message that while everyone is criticizing Meta, TikTok is the real danger, especially since it’s a foreign app so popular with teens.”

Other emails show that Targeted Victory actively searched for stories about potentially dangerous trends on TikTok. Also, the agency’s staff communicated among themselves about coveted headlines about TikTok such as “How TikTok is the most dangerous social media platform for kids.” When a negative topic about TikTok surfaced in the news, Targeted Victory tried to amplify it further on social media and pressure local officials to take action against TikTok.

The targeted victory wanted the opposite Washington Post Do not respond to questions substantially. The agency only confirms that it has represented Facebook and is “proud of the work done”. Meta spokesperson Andy Stone defended the campaign in a statement to the newspaper: “We believe all platforms, including TikTok, should be closely monitored.” TikTok responds via a spokesperson that the company is “concerned” about TikTok coverage.

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