When you prefer not to see the light

When you prefer not to see the light

Beautiful, such a luminous street. And with LED lights also sustainable. But now it seems that modern artificial light is getting in the way of marine animals’ camouflaging techniques.

If you’re a small sea creature, like a snail, a big part of your life is avoiding the predators that want to eat you for lunch. If you are not fast or strong, you have to be smart. So many marine creatures use camouflage to stay out of the mouths of their enemies. But then, you shouldn’t suddenly highlight where your test is.

The researchers were curious to see if coasts that are illuminated in the evening and at night have an effect on marine animals that actually benefit from dark conditions. They have tested all kinds of light, including LED, and have seen that modern lamps, much more than old ones, have made animals visible which they actually want to be invisible. This has to do with the wavelengths of these types of lighting.

According to the researchers, it is important to include this knowledge about the impact of modern artificial light on ecosystems when drawing up a lighting plan, especially on the coast.

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