Every Chinese must pay this amount to pay off China’s national debt

Every Chinese must pay this amount to pay off China’s national debt

China holds the largest national debt in the world compared to the United States. But per capita is much lower than in many other countries, due to the large population. Every Chinese must pay this amount to relieve Xi Jinping of his debts in one fell swoop.

The national debt of the United States, which remains the world’s largest economy, at the time of writing amounts to $32.9 trillion (about €30.8 trillion). Every American should pay this amount to help Joe Biden get out of debt in one fell swoop. But a changing of the guard is coming on the world stage, so let’s turn to the country that will soon become the world’s largest economy.

China’s national debt

At the time of writing, China’s ever-increasing national debt stands at about $14.8 trillion. This amount amounts to 13.9 trillion euros. Written in full, it comes to the staggering figure of 13,900,000,000,000. Debts are increasing by the second View real-time information here.

China’s national debt represents 81.84 percent of the economy (GDP). This indicates that the Chinese economy is going through a critical stage. Calculations show that a national debt of between 75 and 100 percent of GDP slows economic growth. For comparison: In the Netherlands, the national debt at the time of writing is 59.68% of GDP. But we also live in a country with the best quality of life in the world.

Every Chinese must pay this amount to pay off debts

The Chinese are a docile people, but Xi Jinping will not get them to jointly repay the national debt. China’s population currently stands at 1.472 billion people. Children are not exempt from dancing, so we include everyone.

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We calculate the national debt per capita in the amount in euros, which is the €13.9 trillion you read earlier. In this case, each Chinese would have to pay 9,442.94 euros to relieve China of its debt. This is much lower than Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States.

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