EU and US renegotiate relationship with China

EU and US renegotiate relationship with China

International31 May ’23 at 09:30Author of the book: John Lucas

At a meeting of the Trade and Technology Council, the EU and the US are re-discussing their relationship with China. At the last G7 summit in Japan, many countries have already expressed their concerns about their dependence on China. ‘We cannot turn inwards,’ says Annette Nijs, a China expert and president of the Netherlands Business School.

Nijs thinks it’s important to take a good look at so-called ‘mockery’. “We have to work on the risks in the things we depend on.”

In addition to the relationship with China, the Trade Technical Council (TTC) will also discuss issues between the United States and the European Union. The EU is angry about US climate subsidies to companies. Can’t compete with that,’ says Nijs.

Dombrovskis Valdis, Vice President of the European Commission at a press conference following the consultations of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC). EU and US again discuss relations with China at TTC meeting. (ANP / Associated Press)

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has already said the EU should set up a Green Deal in response to the US. Inflation Act. The question is whether the TTC is the right platform to discuss it. “It’s a strange club and no real decisions can be made,” says Nijs. ‘They have all kinds of workgroups, and climate and Clean technology. But the question is whether we can move forward with this for our Green Deal.’

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Artificial intelligence

There is talk of using rare metals for electric cars, standards and regulations for artificial intelligence. ‘How do you keep it under control and what do you believe in? Artificial intelligence All for us humans.’

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At the G7 conference in Japan, on the use of artificial intelligence, it was said that the ‘human dimension’ should be at the forefront of this technology. According to Nijs, it is crucial that the US and the EU do not get too far out, as they have done on privacy legislation. ‘Europe is much stricter than the US and that affects companies more.’

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But the real party to talk to is not at the table. It is China. “They do a lot of things Artificial intelligence In which we say, do we really want that?’

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