Erik Dijkstra slams Fidan Ekez in Genk: ‘Get over it’

Erik Dijkstra slams Fidan Ekez in Genk: ‘Get over it’

BNNVARA host Eric Dykstra joined the talk show last night Genk To talk about footballer Erling Haaland, but the controversy over his announcer has also been a moot point. This soap is about former BNNVARA presenter Fidan Ekez. Dijkstra jumped the loophole for his talk show employer.

Ekiz presented at BNNVARA Eve (Loans Khaled and Sophie)but the broadcaster suddenly pulled the plug in 2021. V.I DIY dictatorship She stated that this would be because she would be too “right-wing”. “BNNVARA is communal and awake,” she says. In this documentary series, Ekiz and Kes Schaap investigate the relationship between cancel culture and increasing polarization. For example, they address the question of why people with deviant opinions and behaviors are publicly condemned and excluded.

BNNVARA ultimately decided not to broadcast the documentary series, because the broadcaster itself was part of that series in terms of content. The presenter said that during the process of making the documentary, the director sent a “funny birthday package” to the person ultimately responsible at BNNVARA. It contained, among other things, a box of chocolate kisses with a picture affixed to it of a person with a face painted black, also known as black face.

However, the content creators were given the space to move the series to another broadcaster. Broadcasting station Max announced on Sunday that it will broadcast the documentary series after consultation with BNNVARA.

Dijkstra: “It’s not a good program”

“What do you think of Fidan’s accusation?” Genk asks Eric Dykstra. “Found Eve Not only is it such a good show,” Dijkstra snarls. “Then you can also turn it off, with such a talk show. I’m still crying two years later… Get rid of it. “

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Dijkstra says he has read stories about BNNVARA’s so-called culture of fear. “I’ve been working at BNNVARA for fifteen years. I don’t notice it at all.” The presenter denies that any unwelcome opinion is given less room. “Everybody can say whatever they want in this country, right? I wasn’t there, but I think if things happen internally…that story about the Christmas gift. If the broadcaster wants it and the creators don’t, you get into a discussion with each other.” .I don’t think this is an interesting topic. I don’t feel that way and I don’t recognize myself in the blame. When I hear things about the culture of fear, I think: What’s up, dude?”


Dijkstra does not plan to watch the Ekiz documentary series. “Then I have to see why the program was stopped two years ago, I don’t think that’s really appropriate.” Jinek says he will take a look. “I am interested if there is something like that being shown on such a topic. Of course I am not involved either, so I can’t judge the matter either, but I am asking you, because it is already your broadcaster and you are the only one at the table who can find out more about it.”

Dijkstra reiterates that he found it “uninteresting”. You know what I don’t like about it? This series is made by Fidan with Kees Schaap. Kees Schaap and I did this series about the WWII strike. I was so proud of it. It was a great series. I wish I could make more series from Like that. Those are the topics that interest me the most. I think that’s grumbling from a talk show that got shut down two years ago. I told him that and he said it was important to him. Well, then you have to do it.”

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Feedback on Eric Dykstra

On Twitter, many people are “Team Ekiz”. The letter reads: “This man makes an extremely unpleasant and arrogant impression.” “Don’t be Eric Dykstra.”

You can have a look at Jinek via RTL XL.

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