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This is why Steam itself started an initiative to make games playable on Linux. Why? I don’t know that either.

This is very simple: Valve’s biggest source of income is selling computer games. PC games are dominated by Microsoft / Windows, which makes Valve totally dependent on Microsoft there. Suppose Microsoft will announce tomorrow that it will make Windows more closed than it actually is. They will block sideloading of software in future releases and you can only download apps from their own store (with their own rules, developer costs, etc.). Then Valve runs into a big problem.

As a company you don’t want to be overly dependent on another company. The scenario I just described is of course the worst case scenario, but it is just an example. By improving and stimulating the game experience on an open platform, they become less dependent. Suppose something like this happens as I just described, so they already have a very powerful platform (proton) ready to absorb the blow.

They also show enough times that they no longer see any benefit in Linux,

I don’t recall Valve seeing “No More Redemption in Linux” in recent years. Do you have any examples?

One thing that shocked me. There is always someone complaining, “This Linux, that Linux”.

There are definitely many enthusiasts in the Linux community who can talk a little frankly and a lot of news in the digital world. But @Otjenyn The response doesn’t sound like a whimper here, does it? His response was nothing more than stating that the addition of EAC made the game unplayable on Linux a few months ago, and that this acquisition of Epic definitely won’t help, and finally he says he thinks that’s a shame.

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