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Microsoft introduced Mesh, which is an online platform that allows developers to primarily create apps for AR and VR headsets. Mesh are applications in which multiple people work together in the same digital environment.

not works with a Cross-platform sdk where users can develop apps for AR and VR headsets, for smartphones and computers. The focus is on headphones. Mesh is all about the apps multiple people work in simultaneously in a digital environment. This is why Mesh, for example, has support for avatars, so users can see where other users are. These avatars have the torso, head, and hands. The positions of these body parts depend on the positions of the headset and any user controllers. Later it will be possible to see “anthropomorphic people with photorealistic images”.

The developer platform is also supported Spatial maps. This will share the caches of the participating devices so that everyone sees the same objects in the same way. Microsoft provides an example of the many people building a car digitally together. When the user then adjusts the shape and location of a part of the vehicle, other users see it as well. Mesh works with Azure to ensure that these digital objects can be viewed by Azure. The advantage of this is that the objects are presented in the same way to all users, regardless of computer power.

With Mesh, Microsoft hopes that users will use augmented reality and virtual reality glasses more for online collaboration. This is why the platform works with so many different devices, such as Microsoft HoloLens, HP Reverb G2, and Oculus Quest 2. sdk now supports Unity, C ++, and C #. Later, Unreal, Babylon and React Native will be added.

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With Mesh, the company isn’t just targeting the business market; Pokémon developer GO Niantic is also experimenting with Mesh. Microsoft has also developed two of the same Mesh apps. With th Microsoft Mesh app Users can have Teams-like conversations in an AR or VR environment and import 3D content from OneDrive. Second Mesh app AltspaceVR provides users with Organize live virtual events. Microsoft promises to expand Mesh with more supported features and devices in the near future. Motors at Business framework.

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