Emily Blunt's film debut as Lady Cornelia Locke in the western 'The England'

Emily Blunt’s film debut as Lady Cornelia Locke in the western ‘The England’

Emily Blunt, we remember her role as Emily The Devil Wears Prada But seen flying with an umbrella like Mary Poppins, has become a household name in the film world and has proven to fit every genre with her varied roles. Soon she’ll do it again, and we’ll see her in a real western series England.

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Emily Blunt in the new series England

Amazon Prime Video and the BBC’s new series is a true western and is set in 1890s America. Briefly, the series revolves around a British lady from a rich English aristocracy. Emily Blunt). She sets out with Eli Whip, a former Pawnee scout from the Central Plains Indian tribe, to the newly built town of Hoxham to seek revenge on the man she believes killed her son. Along the way, the two face a physically and mentally exhausting setback and discover that they are not as different as they thought.

Emily Blunt as Lady Cornelia Locke

Director Hugo Blick had nothing but praise for Emily Blunt’s acting skills. “He read the first script and understood me every step of the way,” Bligh noted in conversation practice. “It’s a performance of exquisite taste and power.” The First pictures of Emily Blunt as Lady Cornelia Locke See you here.

The series, which will air on BBC2 and BBC iPlayer from around November, promises to explore themes of identity, revenge, race riots, love and power. But also show typical Western images of riders on horseback, log villages and swing gates, miles of desert, ‘cowboys and Indians’. We can’t wait.

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