Eat the star in the green tamarind

Eat the star in the green tamarind

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) The Amsterdam Stock Exchange rose on Wednesday after both the winners and losers of the Corona crisis were in a positive light, including US inflation and bond yields.

The AEX index ended 0.4 percent higher at 678.03 points. The midcap index was up 0.5 percent and the ASCX index was up 1.0 percent.

The stock market benefited from the stabilization of interest rates, with major US technology funds recovering strongly from the previous revision on Tuesday.

The auction of US government bonds has given the market more peace of mind, said Jup, the property manager of the Findesa Asset Management Group.

The positive sentiment in Amsterdam was further supported by positive OECD growth forecasts, better-than-expected corporate results and US inflation figures, which have not yet raised concerns that inflation could rise too quickly.

In addition, according to the Van de Group, there are indications here and there that vaccines in Europe could lead to a reduction in the number of corona virus infections. This indicates that although the economic outlook for Europe is much weaker than that of the United States, the economy could open very quickly. With a strong limited capacity, for example, in the transportation sector, Van de Groop thinks this could lead to more warming here and there.

The property manager concluded on Wednesday that both losers and technical funds from the Corona crisis showed an upward trend.

On Thursday, the ECP is expected to respond to higher interest rates and higher inflation expectations, in its comments on interest rate decisions.

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The Euro / Dollar traded at 1.1893. When US stock markets closed on Tuesday, the currency pair was still moving to 1.1901.

Oil prices rose slightly after weekly U.S. oil stock figures, which rose sharply by 14 million barrels. Gasoline supplies fell by 12 million barrels as refineries got back on track after the Texas cold spell.

Recipients and followers

At AEX, Just Eat was the star with a 6 percent price gain. Decroof called Petercomb promoting food delivery numbers, saying the iPhone had strong performance, which proved to be more valuable than analyst Michael Rock predicted. Just Eat has rejected an attempt to acquire shares worth 2. 2.3 billion.

The ExxonMobil won 5 percent since the release of its annual report, which, among other things, showed CEO Thierry Van Langer earning 5. 5.6 million last year.

Philips and KPN were able to add 3 percent.

ABN AMRO is one of the strongest losers, losing its place in the AEX index. An important statement from Bernberg did not help. ABN Amro is 3.0 percent cheaper.

Techno names Aden and Galapagos, which are part of the ASMI and AEX code, also lost ground.

The semiconductor fund base, which is being raised to AEX, closed less than half a percent. Corbian exited with a gain of 7.5 per cent on the AMX, while Fukro rose 3.7 per cent.

Basic-Fit fell sharply to no less than 4.3 percent. On Tuesday, stock is still needed.

After the disappointing results of the department colleague Post, the Post N.L. The Brussels postal provider is no less than 17 per cent.

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The restoration of the codes in EuroNext Amsterdam worked well for Alben, which was upgraded to midcap index and closed more than 3 percent. Metal Specialist AMG is a medium hairdresser, but slightly less closed.

B&S and Weralthev are more than 4 percent more expensive. Lucas Poles lost 2.5 percent.

Wall Street

At TomRock’s final conclave, the Nasdaq won slightly, with the S&P 500 index up half a percentage point and the Dow Jones up more than a percentage point.

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