€12,500 for data roaming puts the minister in an awkward position

€12,500 for data roaming puts the minister in an awkward position

The Daily Telegraph He had range. Waking England revealed earlier this month that Scottish Health Secretary Michael Matheson had incurred taxpayer costs of €12,500 for data roaming using his parliamentary iPad. Matheson incurred these costs while on vacation in Morocco.

For several days, the minister swore that he only used the iPad for work. When the commotion increased, Prime Minister Humza Yousaf told that his children had used the iPad. In an emotional statement before the Scottish Parliament on Thursday, he explained that his children used the device to watch football.

Opposition leaders from both the left and the right are now demanding the Scottish nationalist’s departure. But Matheson refuses and receives the support of Prime Minister Youssef. “He was trying to protect his children,” the Prime Minister told BBC Radio. “For me, Michael, who I have known for fifteen years, remains a man of integrity and honesty.”

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