Don't run but walk in rugby

Don’t run but walk in rugby

Rose Pearson

“A! Two! Three! Four! Five!” Five steps and no more, they are fanatically scrutinized here in the field of rugby club The Oisterwijk Oysters. OldStars 55+ don’t just play rugby, they wear it rugby. This branch of sports has many special rules, for example that you should not run, but you should walk with the ball.

Everyone should master these rules, they are absolutely important. “I try to build everything slowly,” says coach Willem Nass, 63. He watches the players in front of him and adjusts the rules accordingly. “For example, if I have a more fragile group, I’m one of the few chance of physical contact.”

In addition to rugby, members also participate in ASM training, which stands for Mathematical Skills Model. So Nas, 63, went on to train ASM specifically for this group. Training aims to keep you fit. Today for the members this means a lot of bending, catching the ball and throwing it in different directions.

After that, the real work begins and the rugby players play a serious practice game for three times and seven minutes. There it becomes clear: age may play a physical role here, but certainly not mental. Fanatics fight for what they deserve, eagerly taking advantage of their breaks in the water.

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