Relaxing ballroom every Thursday afternoon at De Korf

Relaxing ballroom every Thursday afternoon at De Korf

Photo: Fleigman Ballroom

Everyone is allowed to practice together again, including ballroom dancing. Style Dance Club is open again from now on. Just walk and dance on the banks of the fox, the English wax or the tango. The coffee is ready at 1.15pm and the dancing continues until 4pm. Those who cannot dance are also welcome to come and learn it. Suitable for all ages, singles and couples.

Address Neighborhood House De Korf, Mgr van Kesselstraat 29 Vlijmen. Entrance 2.50. Next meeting February 3rd. see also

What is ballroom dancing?
Let’s talk about that first: what exactly is it. It’s a really great sport if you practice it on a level, but it’s also a great exercise as a hobby. It is, unlike, say, street dancing or breakdancing, a more traditional form of dance. Think of a waltz or cha-cha-cha. Ballroom dancing appears in several films: took the leadAnd shall we dance and classic An American in Paris.

What types of dance are there?
Ballroom dancing is divided into two types: ballroom dancing, for example, waltz and quick step, and Latin dance, as well as cha-cha-cha and jeff. Ballroom dances are the so-called “standard dances”. Latin (the name says it all) comes from Latin America. There is a third category in international competitions: Ten Dance.

You only dance with both of you
Dancing is just the perfect activity for the two of you to spend quality time together. It is perfect for couples.

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