Ziggo Sport and Haas seal "Promence" in a special partnership with Zandvoort

Ziggo Sport and Haas seal “Promence” in a special partnership with Zandvoort

Team Haas have struck a very unique deal this coming weekend, when the Grand Prix takes place in Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Ziggo Sport will decorate both the halo and fenders of the American sedan next weekend.

Although the Dutch sports channel no longer owns Formula 1 broadcasts this year, it is still very active in motorsport. Ziggo Sport broadcasts pre and post reviews about Formula 1 competitions with gentlemen such as Olaf Mol, Robert Dornbos and Jack Ploig, the last name playing an important role in the deal. On behalf of his employer, the reporter maintains close ties with Guenther Steiner and the Haas team, which is one of the reasons the station’s name graced the car this weekend.

Happy Steiner

The deal is a beautiful icing for the self-proclaimed ‘bromance’ cake between Haas and Ziggo Sport. Steiner himself is pleased, too. “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Jack Plooij and Ziggo Sport to race them on their home ground. It’s an event with personality and unmistakable character – like Jack himself – so we look forward to being a part of the weekend’s programming and also the iconic Ziggo Sport logo that will decorate the VF-22 this weekend.”

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Bluge, which is done every week in the course of a file Ziggo Sport Race Café During a video chat with the stunning Italian team boss, he previously suggested putting his name on Haas’ car, but Steiner wanted a better idea. So it is now found. “Our intimate relationship has grown into a beautiful thing,” Bleuge says. Of course, as a sports channel, we all go to “our” Grand Prix in Zandvoort. Live broadcast from the beach and now also sponsored by our friends from Haas. It will be a wonderful weekend.

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