Django Wagner predicted trouble: 'I said no to real-life soap I believe in me'

Django Wagner predicted trouble: ‘I said no to real-life soap I believe in me’

Django tells the story: “I thanked you for that at the time.” It was really good for someone like René Le Blanc, but it could also go wrong.

negative image

Just look at Dave Van Will. He advanced very negatively in that broadcast about the concert at the Ziggo Dome, because he was arguing. I don’t think this is good for your career. He assured me that it was good that I said no at the time. You never know how you will be photographed.

Wedding plan canceled

Django, who has had huge success with Kali, has been battling excess weight for years. How are you? I want to lose weight again for medical reasons. I’m getting older anyway and want to be ahead of any complications. Earlier, the singer said that he wanted to lose 25 kilos to fit into his wedding suit to give yes to great love Ingrid, the mother of his children. Has this wedding happened before? No, she wanted a very big party and she just wanted a small wedding with the family. We couldn’t figure it out, so we called off the wedding plan. We already have a cohabitation contract, so she and her kids can stay behind, in case something happens to me.

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