Rachel Hazes confirms: 'Andre now lives with me at home'

Rachel Hazes confirms: ‘Andre now lives with me at home’

The last days took place in Belgium Flanders sings Hazes Where André should actually perform. However, he was unable to attend due to emotional exhaustion. Rachel was there and spoke to the press afterwards. I told the Flemish HLN That Andre finds it very disturbing that he could not be there. “Because Andrei was really looking forward to these concerts. But he’s getting a little better every day. He now lives at home with me and is very spoiled.”

The latter is not a lie. Rachel says she pampers Andre very well and often makes him cook with dandelions, his favorite food. “Full of vitamins. Because he needs them now. Vitamins, mother’s love and a lot of peace. He finds them at home. The only thing you have to do here on your own is chew, I laugh.”

To make sure the singer is comfortable with his skin again, he of course needs a little more than mommy love and vitamins, but according to Rachel, that’s okay. “Andre is in therapy and it will be a long journey, but in the end everything will be fine. I’m sure. Just give him some time.”

Andrei is not only at home with his mother, the singer is often seen with his ex-wife Monique, from whom he has a son Andrei.

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