Diversity is the number one winner in the British Prime Minister's battle: Only the white man is eliminated

Diversity is the number one winner in the British Prime Minister’s battle: Only the white man is eliminated

Ahead of last Friday’s televised debate, the leadership candidates pose with host Julie Echingham (third from right). Left to Right: Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Kimi Badenoch, Julie Echingham (presenter), Tom Tugendhat and Benny Mordaunt.ITV Image via Getty Images

“Don’t vote for me because I’m a woman. Don’t vote for me because I’m brown. These words were uttered during the early stages of the campaign by Suila Braverman, a longtime candidate whose Indian parents came to England from Kenya and Mauritius in the 1960s. Parliamentary journalist Tom Stanley summoned him.” Daily Telegraph An unnecessary statement. I think the historians who write about these elections in the future will highlight two wonderful things. Firstly, that it was incredibly diverse, and secondly, that it did not matter to anyone.

Race and gender are rarely discussed among the four in discussions. Rishi Sunak’s Achilles heel? That he is very rich, he went to a boarding school and is seen as a member of the international elite. Penny Mordaunt? She is mainly accused of being incompetent. In contrast, longtime favourite, Liz Truss, will try hard to look like Margaret Thatcher. Kimi Badenouche, who grew up in Nigeria, has been accused of undermining the fight against racism through her conservative critique of what she calls “critical race theory”.

A similar accusation was leveled against Thatcher, who became the first woman to head 10 Downing Street in 1979. During her long tenure as prime minister, she was regularly told she was doing too little for the feminist cause. The famous photograph surrounded by dozens of ministers and state ministers confirmed this impression. Thatcher always noted that she rose to the top through hard work. The same merit argument is being made now, especially with the three women in the final battle. break Old Etonians David Cameron and Boris Johnson finished.

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However, the meritocracy was given a helping hand by Cameron who, in his 11 years as party leader, from 2005 to the 2016 Brexit referendum, actively contributed to diversity today. In his quest to modernize the Conservative Party, this aristocrat went to great lengths to help women and members of minority groups gain seats in the House of Commons. Boris Johnson’s government is sure to become Europe’s most diverse in terms of skin colour. The (former) ministers include the children of refugees from Iraq, Uganda and Sierra Leone, as well as the children of ordinary immigrants from Ghana, India and Pakistan.

This has caused pride in the country of Brexit and the associated epidemics towards the mainland. Commentator Zoe Stripe said: “Brexit and conservative Britain can teach the EU a few things about diversity.” She noted that since Brexit, Britain has been regularly portrayed abroad as a xenophobic country, including before New York timesUnited Nations rapporteurs and Jean-Claude Juncker, former president of the European Commission. Strijp noted that since the departure of the British, especially the Brexit Party, the European Parliament has become much whiter.

British policy in this area reflects the rest of an open and competitive society. Britons of Asian, African and Afro-Caribbean descent, as well as women, are playing more and more prominent roles, with sports and media at the fore and, with some delay, the business community. In schools, recent figures from the Education Inspectorate showed that children of Chinese, Indian and African descent, on average, outperform their white classmates, especially from the lower social classes.

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Its successful diversity helps ensure Britain remains a preferred destination for immigrants. Indeed, after the Brexit vote six years ago, immigration from outside the European Union only increased, against the will and thanks of the colorful ruling party.

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