Marchano Stuger ingezegend als dorpshoofd Redi Doti

Marchano has appointed Stoeger as village chief, Reddy Dutti

Marchano Stuger is traditionally inaugurated on Saturday as head of the village of Redi Doti in East Para, along with four Basjas. It is about Johannes Sabago (Chief of the Basga), Guevario Gobithana, Faryel Banda-Sriceria, and Olegis Capelli and reports on the Association of Heads of Indigenous Villages in Suriname (VIDS). The cultural ceremony was held at a village relaxation spot along the Suriname River, with the guidance of the Barimoro Cultural Group.

The 43-year-old Stuger was elected village chief in December 2019 and took over the role of the now-deceased Lesley Artist. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new village council was unable to hold the cultural opening. “𝘞 ).

Stoeger adds that he seeks, among other things, to preserve Aboriginal culture. This is why it is so important that the Majlis is opened traditionally. “𝘞 𝘞 𝘭 )! After raising the Suriname flag, they walked in their cultural clothing to the place where the initiation was made.

On the village council’s plans, Stoeger says the focus will be on the agriculture and tourism sector.

The cultural initiative was attended by VIDS board members, Joan van der Bosch (Pikin Poika) and Jona Gunther (Erowarte). The meeting was attended by Lauren Gobitana from the Directorate for Sustainable Development of Indigenous Peoples from the Ministry of Regional Development and Sports.

Looking at here More photos of dedication.

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