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Director / Director in Games:

The director of the game is the force behind Creative aspects Video game. You are similar to a movie director because your vision shapes and defines the game. With a team of game designersThen, you are creating a roadmap for the game as a whole.

A manager / director is not a manager in the corporate structure, even if he is a director, he is still just an employee of a much larger organization, who is subject to the board of directors, which in turn is subordinate to the shareholders …

And although the manager is theoretically responsible for the people who are subject to him, this does not mean that you have complete control over these employees (certainly not in the Netherlands). You will have to be satisfied with the paddles that you get from the top. This can vary from a bunch of idiots who couldn’t even replace a light bulb together, to a super team that could put together the best product in no time. It’s usually in the middle, and sometimes you have the outliers either up or down.

In the Netherlands, for example, you cannot just fire your employees, there are strict rules associated with that. Collective labor agreement / unions. This may be a lot easier in the United States, but there, too, you can have a lot of problems with unions. I can tell you that it can sometimes take years before you got rid of bad employees the right way I went through an old organization. Even if you have faster ways to get rid of bad employees, you need to know how to hire replacement employees with desirable qualities, you need the knowledge to be able to hire and budget to be able to offer an attractive position. Otherwise, you’ll get “Money Just Works For Peanuts!” …

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In this case, I wonder if the director was also responsible for the technical aspects of the game, because I think the first complaints were about bugs and the failure to meet the quality of the promised graphics. Only later they arrived without any complaints about the endgame.

Managers also do not leave their jobs if they do not have or do not have the tools to do their job. They also want to make money and will continue to do so for as long as possible, just like the rest of the “wage” slaves inside such a company. After all, the employees who worked for Anthem didn’t collectively stand up and run away because they didn’t make a good product.

So, yes, there is absolute liability, but practice shows that in general this is not the whole problem (if any). No, I am not a manager / supervisor, precisely because you have become a game from below (the employees below) and above (the management above you).

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