New Smart Speakers Google can analyze user sleep without contact |  Currently

New Smart Speakers Google can analyze user sleep without contact | Currently

Google launches a new version of the Nest Hub smart speaker, appearing on Tuesday. The second version will contain “Sleep Sensing,” a function that can analyze a user’s sleep. No sensor is required for this.

According to Google, the Nest Hub is popular among users as a nightstand device because it doesn’t have any cameras. Sleep Sensing does not track the user via video images, but rather analyzes their movements using soli, a form of radar technology.

Additionally, Nest Hub microphones are used to capture coughing and snoring noises, and light and temperature sensors monitor the environment.

Every morning, they show the user a summary of their sleep. The device also offers suggestions for the ideal bedtime and if some things pop up while someone is sleeping, Google gives advice for that.

Audio recordings are not forwarded

According to Google, the job privacy is well regulated because the sleep sensor feature is optional. When the function is on, it will be indicated on the display.

The audio recordings of coughing and snoring are processed on the device itself, according to Google, and are not sent to the Internet company’s servers. Sleep data can always be deleted and not used to personalize ads, as the tech giant has promised.

The Nest Hub is not officially for sale in the Netherlands, but is present in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Australia.

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