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Gamemaker Rockstar will release an update for GTA Online which should limit download time. This is done on the basis of the fan token that was able to do this with his own code. This player gets $ 10,000 from Bug Bounty.

Rockstar would like to thank t0st for putting the revised code online, PCGamer says. “After doing a thorough research, we can confirm that t0st has already found an aspect of the game code related to loading times that could be improved. As a result of these investigations, we have made some changes that will be in the future update.”

The game maker does not mention how fast GTA Online will load after the update and when the update will be released. According to t0st itself, this update will be coming “soon”. As he claims The exception to receiving $ 10,000 from the Bug Bounty Program. Usually, this money is only intended for security researchers who discover leaks.

T0st claimed I found two bugs. The first is contained in a 10MB JSON text file that contains all the elements in the game. There are 63,000 Entries at. After reading each of the 63,000 objects, each character in that text file is counted completely again, 63,000 times.

Second, to prepare the item’s readable data, the data plus the item name and price, and a Hash Of the downloaded component. The hash value of the stored item is compared to the hash of any other previously stored item. This can lead to (63,000 ^ 2 + 63,000) / 2 checks, or 1,984,531,500 pieces. GTA Online does this to ensure that there are no duplicate items on the final list, to prevent intruders. According to the developer, this process is a CPU drain and not even necessary, as the hash list is empty before loading the JSON file. In addition, all items in this file are unique, so according to t0st, it is not necessary to check whether or not they appear in the list.

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