Xiaomi may unveil the special Soc on Monday – Tablets and Phones – News

Hope this works well, with good firmware / driver support. Then maybe they will be able to make a really good stable MiBox, for example. I hear some complaints about Xiaomi phones, except that sometimes there is an unstable firmware. After that, Xiaomi suddenly released very stable firmware for a mobile phone again. That is why people I know also choose Xiaomi. Same specs as the flagship, like the then 4 GigaByte Ram for less than half the price of the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Now if they also built the CPU themselves then the firmware and associated software would be more under their control, I am not sure, but I suspect that employees in China who are actually testing the software would be less likely to say if something needs improvement. I’m not sure.

From Xiaomi I can say that some products are very good, but they can still learn a lot from certain products. I also suspect employees say freely when there are bugs. After all, this is my experience and from others I know, the firmware is sometimes very good and stable, then all of a sudden it’s unexpectedly unstable. How is this possible? For now, we hope Xiaomi has enough feedback from customers outside of China to point out that firmware testing also means that software bugs should be spoken freely.

The hardware is really good to be honest. After all, periods of high stability alternate with implicitly illustrated periods of unstable firmware. If I were an employee of Xioami, I would probably be too blunt if there were bugs, would I lose my job, for example? Because the culture is different, of course.

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The same thing I hear from India, there is always yes, amen, good, it works, but the truth is very stable, or a lot of bugs, this is intermittently, and I suspect that the real actual input comes from clients from all over the world and not from the company’s beta testing team Xiaomi. In India it’s like this, yeah, amen, good.

In the long run, it is important that Xiaomi doesn’t get any speakers if there are bugs, but that is my personal opinion.

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