Day 7 Olympic Games: Which Dutch will take action?  |  Sports

Day 7 Olympic Games: Which Dutch will take action? | Sports

Merle Smolders has also won an intermission at PMX. The 23-year-old debutant finished third in a strong final in Tokyo.

The Olympics are over after a race for Henk Krol, who retired in the over 100kg class. 36-year-old Krol lost to Uzbekistan’s Bekmurod Oldipo. The match lasted only 25 seconds. During the first move Uzbek threw Krol directly on his back.

Disappointing rowing day

Holland Edin Rovers finished in disappointing fifth place at the Tokyo Olympics. The Dutch rowing navy’s Showpiece did not compete for medals in the final on the Marine Forest Waterway.

Swimmer Femke Heimskerk has completed his first individual final at the Olympics in sixth place. The 33-year-old Heimskerk was unable to compete for medals in the 100-meter freestyle, but went faster than the semifinals in 52.79 seconds.

Also, the water polosters were a record. South Africa lost 33-1. Unprecedented score at the Olympics.


The footballers will face the United States in the quarterfinals at 1 p.m. It’s about hosting the final of the last World Cup in France again. Two years ago, American footballers won 2-0. The Orange defeat means national coach Sarina Wigman’s last game, and she will start working for the English women after the game.

Start a hockey and athletic competition

While the footballers are still busy, the Dutch hockey men begin their last group match against Germany (1.45pm). On the first day of the athletics, Siban Hassan will compete in the 5000 meters. The world champion in 1500 and 10,000 places can qualify for the final on Monday. The mixed relay 4×400 meters, along with the Netherlands, is also in this project.

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Watch the full Olympic program here.

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