Coronavirus will win the competition

Coronavirus will win the competition

A third aura wave can no longer be avoided. Virologist Bert Nijsters of the University Medical Center Groningen expressed this fear in Nederlands Dagblad. “If we don’t have lower numbers by the end of next week than now, then we have a big problem.”

According to him, it is “a competition: a vaccine against the virus. And the virus will win that match.” The highly contagious British variant now accounts for about 90 percent of all positive tests, according to Nesters.

Faster vaccination

Regarding him, there is only one treatment: vaccination is faster. “All I hear is that vaccines are being left on the shelf. (…) There is still no good direction.” For example, vaccinating the elderly and the disabled against corona in health care institutions is slower than intended.

So he warns of further relaxation, especially now that most schools are open. Photo: ANP

If infection rates continue to develop as they do now, the further increase in hospital admissions will be a “matter of time,” says Nysters. So he warns of further relaxation, especially now that most schools are open.

12,000 new cases in Germany

In Germany, more than 12,000 new cases of corona were reported for the second day in a row. In the past 24 hours, 12,674 new cases were recorded, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) report, which is the institute’s German equivalent.

Almost every week it happens that the numbers are relatively low on and immediately after the weekend and then increase rapidly as the week progresses. For example, RKI reported 12,834 new cases on Friday. The previous day, Thursday, it included more than 14,000 infections. On Wednesday there were over 9,000. That’s more than double the number on Tuesday.

In total, more than 2.5 million cases of corona have been diagnosed in Germany so far. The death toll rose by 239 to 73,301, according to RKI figures.

First infection in two weeks

In Australia, a local infection with the Coronavirus appeared for the first time in more than two weeks. Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Balaszuk said it was a doctor who recently treated two patients with coronavirus in Brisbane. The last local infection was on February 24.

The number of new Coronavirus cases is 4,924 less than the weekly average
Also, all hospitals in Brisbane are closed to visitors as a precaution. Photo: ANP

Palaszczuk said the patients were recently abroad and were later discovered to have the British type of coronavirus. Since the doctor in question was treating several patients in the meantime, authorities quickly began investigating the connection. Also, all hospitals in Brisbane are closed to visitors as a precaution.

Australia has relatively few injuries and deaths compared to other western countries. The government closed its borders somewhat shortly after the pandemic began, the country imposed a lockdown and also imposed strict social distancing rules. Since the start of the outbreak, Australia has recorded just over 29,000 cases and 909 deaths from Corona.

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