Coffee fruits and types of coffee


All about the most popular drink in the world, its effect on health, types of coffee, how coffee is produced, its uses and habits Coffee is consumed and prepared in different ways, alone, with milk or cream (macchiato, cappuccino and Moroccan) and also used to prepare ice cream, creams, desserts, alcoholic drinks and dipping For desserts including the classic tiramisu.

The coffee prepared at the bar is called espresso while making it at home with mocha is mainly an Italian tradition, but there is also Turkish or American coffee. See also hacks for making mocha coffee.

Coffee fruits and seeds

The fruits of the coffee tree are grown on plantations in South America (mainly Brazil), Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

Coffee consists of the aromatic powder obtained by roasting and grinding the seeds contained in the red, cherry-like fruit (photo above) of an evergreen tropical shrub belonging to the genus Coffee, which is currently cultivated in more than 500 countries. It is classified in the family of rupees.

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Types of coffee

Among the more than 10,000 species, the main types of coffee production are the Arabica species and the Robusta species.

Arabica coffee

 It grows on steep slopes at high altitudes. Beans have a flat and elongated shape. Because it contains more oils, it is more aromatic. It is sweeter because it contains more sugar and less bitter due to the lower caffeine content.

Coffee Robusta

Robusta is the most resistant species: it grows from sea level to 1000 meters, has a round shape, and its coffee is denser, less delicate and more amenable. Robusta is less resistant to high temperatures and the espresso obtained is more intense, but it is also of lower quality in terms of taste and aroma.

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Other types of coffee


As a less widespread species, it is native to Liberia and is cultivated, as well as in West Africa, especially in Indonesia and the Philippines.


He discovered in Africa in 1903 the species of coffee trees, christened as Coffea excelsa and only later identified as a variety of Coffea Liberica. Another stenophylla, Mauritania, Racemosa.

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