Closer GM halts production again due to a shortage of chips

Closer GM halts production again due to a shortage of chips

For example, a factory in Missouri was closed for two weeks, and a production stop in Michigan was extended for two weeks. Reuters Reports.

GM has been struggling with a shortage of chips and factory closures for a long time. Other big car companies are also suffering from a chip shortage, including Japanese car manufacturers Honda and Toyota, as well as Volkswagen, Ford and Daimler. Tesla will also be affected by this at its large plant in Fremont, California.

General Motors of America had said earlier that the chip shortage this year could have an impact on $ 2 billion in profits. The group wants to make up for the lost production later this year as much as possible. Manufacturers of brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and Hummer are already building cars without specific parts containing the chips.

Fire on the Japanese Chip Maker

The lack of chips is partly due to the very strong increase in demand for home work and entertainment equipment in the Corona era, such as computers, laptops and game consoles. A fire in a factory owned by Japanese chip maker Renesas, which supplies much to the auto industry, has exacerbated the shortage.

Also, stay tuned for our updates on electric cars.

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