Britney Spears Appeals to Limit Paternal Influence |  Turns out

Britney Spears Appeals to Limit Paternal Influence | Turns out

Britney Spears wants her father to stop Jimmy from making decisions about her personal matters, such as medical treatment. The singer’s lawyers submitted a request to this effect to the court.

The 39-year-old was placed in receivership in 2008 after a period of severe mental problems. Her father and attorney were appointed governors. In 2019, the attorney is terminated and Jimmy is given full control of dad. He resigned from the position later in 2019 due to health concerns and was allowed to take over responsibilities Judy Montgomery.

Britney now wants Montgomery to help her personally and have her father and Montgomery jointly oversee her business empire. The singer also wants to be registered so she can demand an end to full court receivership in the future.


In court papers, which are in the hands of many American media outlets, Britney’s team notes that it was recorded in 2014 that she was unable to make decisions about her medical care. When asked by CNN why the singer could not arrange this on her own, Britney’s lawyer said he could not rule on the pending lawsuits.

The singer’s status has been in the spotlight since the documentary Frame Britney Spears. Fans of the musician have been campaigning under the hashtag #FreeBritney for years to curb Jamie’s influence.

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