CK Utrecht: Kampioenen van Chacfly PS, Grandorado TN, King Karim en Nirvano

CK Utrecht: Kampioenen van Chacfly PS, Grandorado TN, King Karim en Nirvano

Provini VDP (for King Karim) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

The central inspection of the Utrecht district of Houten today yielded no less than fourteen invitations to the National Examination of Mares and Foals. Six dressage mares, six jumping mares, one dressage pony and one show jumping pony are permitted to go to Ermelo. CK’s champion ribbons went to show jumping mare Pretty Woman ES (by Chacfly PS), show jumping pony Tandorado Gomo MP (by Grandorado TN), dressage mare VDP experiments (by King Cream) and dressage mare Triss Jolly (by Nirvano).

At Hoeve in Zilfia the studbook check was completed yesterday and six very good jumping mares have been invited for the National Mare check on the 11th of August. They are back today to elect a champion. “It was very nice that we had such a strong crop of mares yesterday, especially since it was the last time I worked as an inspector in Utrecht,” says Henk Dirksen, who is now handing over the inspection job to Luuk Smetsers after 19 years.

Competition from half-sister

After yesterday’s impressive performance in the free jump, which earned him 90 points, the regional championship couldn’t get away with it today. Pretty Women ES by Egbert Schep (by Chacfly PS) triumphed at CK in Utrecht.

Pretty Woman ES (by Chaclfy PS) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

With a top bar of 80/90 Pretty Women ES (Chacfly PS from Halita ES Pref van Tornesch) from breeder Egbert Schep, of whom three mares were invited to NMK yesterday, was the undisputed champion. Although she faced stiff competition from five other complete mares, including her half-sister Pasha ES (L Baron 111Z). “While it doesn’t play a role for this title, it’s good to see that Pretty Women ES comes from a very good athletic pedigree. She’s a very attractive mare with good form, a well-formed forehand and a correct underpinning. She showed an exemplary performance yesterday. She has We checked her in the evening and Pretty Women ES was the best scoring mare in a studbook check in recent years.She has a lot of balance,very good reflexes,very good technique,always good to the top,with lots of body use and very good jumping results.In addition Showing a lot of athletic ability. The other mares have not been placed and are expected to be returned to the National Mare Inspection, where Utrecht appears capable of making a strong hold.

Three of Shep

Breeder Egbert Schep is pleased with Pretty Women ES, but sold it this afternoon to a good customer from America. “After all, it’s the dealer in me who wins! She’s a fantastic mare, and that goes for her half-sister El Barone 111 Z and daughter La Costa Prima Donna, who is also allowed to go to Ermelo. It was all these mares that really stood out to me when I was a year old, and it was good to see them do it again when I was 3. I first had two offspring of Mosito van het Hellehof from her sire Halita ES and then sold my Halita Sport to America when I was five or Six years. Unfortunately she was injured there within a year and brought her back to Holland. When she was pregnant, I put her up for a broodmare auction at KWPN on Demand, but strangely enough, there was no bid at all.” It turned out to be a lot of luck, because this half-sister of Grand Prix horses Aquila SFN/HDC and other international showjumping horses is developing into an absolutely stunning broodmare in Stal Sheep.

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Champion Pony from Grandorado TN

Two colts and seven fillies participated in the Jumping Direction Pony Championship. In the fight for the provincial title she was among the fillies, with Tandorado Gumo MP (Grandorado TN from Gumo Twirre elite EPTM-spr sport-spr PROK from Numero Uno) from the breeder Martin Pieters of Westbrook. This complete pony deserves an invitation to the National Pony Examination.

Tandorado Gumo MT (v. Grandorado TN) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

“With fillies there was a lot of variance in development and form. Obviously we chose to trot, and that brought Tandorado Jomo MP the title,” says Stan Creamers. “She’s a well-developed filly with good rectangular form. She makes the most of her body in motion with range and suppleness. Plus, she showed the best boat of the day and we’d love to see her return to Ermelo.” She defeated second place Twixinette (Lambrusco out of Haronette ster D-OC by Up to Date) to breeders CD Oldekamp of Alphen aan den Rijn. “This filly is attractive and has beautifully presented quarters. She has a firm and correct foundation and a light way of moving. She also has a good suppleness at the trot.” In third place among the fillies was the thoroughbred Tofani Louise (Commil Champ Z from Ofanni Louise elite EPTM-spr PROK D-OC by High Shutterfly) for the breeder JCA Spithoven from Werkhoven. “An attractive filly with a good topline, a light-footed trot and good use of the hind leg at the canter.”

Six mares dressage to NMK

The Utrecht region will be well represented at NMK. After jumping six mares, six dressage mares were allowed to go to Ermelo. Provini VDP (by King Karim) were crowned champions.

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All fifteen three-year-old dressage mares are provisionally approved today. “We’re dealing with a strong crop of dressage mares here. They’re a diverse group and we’ve taken into account both the results of a thoroughbred record check and day in our evaluation,” Luke Smitzers explains. Seven mares were invited to form the leading group, including two breeding producers from Marijke Miltenberg and two from Rob van Rothenbeek.

King Karim comes off a heavy run in the fifth mare, Utah

The very complete Provini VDP (King Karim from Utah V elite sport-dres PROK) was selected as Champion and was bred by Petty van Dijk-Vos from Big Tour mare Utah V. Nice top bar of 80/85. “This is a charming mare that is well developed and has good connections in her form. She moves with good use of her back and has managed to impress everyone around her. She walks briskly, in space and supple. At the trot she has a lovely silhouette and good grace and leg technique. Yesterday we saw her good balance, strength and lunge at ship,” Luke Smithers said.

Provini VDP (for King Karim) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Perfect jig

With 85 points twice Perfect jig (D’Avie from Let’s Dance elite IBOP-dres sport-dres D-OC from Glock’s Toto Jr.) Breeders Rob van Ruitenbeek from Maarsbergen and Carolien van Mourik from Renkum really showed her best side yesterday and she did it again today. She got her second place. “Again a well-developed sports mare with good dressage form. She has a race, youth and a good rectangular form. She walks briskly, with good grace and more than enough range. Her trot is elegant, she can switch well and keeps well closed. Yesterday she showed she could change easily at a gallop , and that it moves with a good lunge of its hind leg.”

The perfect dance (by D’Avie) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk

Twee Merries van Lennox US

Robust construction Prima daula (Jameson RS2 from Adaula Elite IBOP-dres PROK by Jazz) from breeder P. van Doorn of Leersum finished third. She actually posted good results yesterday with 80/85 and is a half-sister to the KWPN Newport-certified stallion (s.Glock’s Toto Jr.). “I coaxed this top-built mare back into the trot today, where every step is touching and uphill. She walks briskly and I’ve gotten better at it, as her stance and good demeanor stand out in the open.”

As a breeder, Marijki Miltenburg had Irons in Fire upon inspection, and Lennox’s two American daughters are allowed to go to NMK. hers two billion (Lenox USA out of Classica by Van Vivaldi) scored 80 for all parts yesterday and was fourth in the leading group of three-year-old dressage mares. “This is an elegant mare with good proportions, a lovely front, a strong topline and a correct foundation. She walks briskly, with good use of body, grace and suppleness. At the trot she has good technique, moment of hanging and gentle use of the front leg. Yesterday she stood out in the pack with her good drive and carry.”

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pure (Lennox US of Cirginia ster D-OC of Florencio) was sold as dowry by Marijke Miltenburg to AJMA Hendriks of Maarn and persuaded in a genealogy book examination of 85/80. She took fifth place in the leading group. “This is a very elegant mare with lots of charisma and a lovely forehand. She has a good and correct foundation. Today she was a bit chaotic in her walk, trot with good action and lunge and strong use of the hind leg.”

In sixth place is Gandhi’s daughter Pollyrich VR (among the elite athletes from Redorijke ahead of PROK D-OC van Jazz) Rob van Ruitenbeek’s breeding product was second in this final. Yesterday I scored 85 points for trotting on the 80/80 overhead bar.

Nirvano produces a champion dressage pony

Très Jolie (Nirvano from Ma Jolie Elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Eye Catcher) stayed ahead of six other Houten fillies, then defeated the best colt Tesoro Mio (Desperado out of Coco-OO Elite Sporting D-OC by OO Seven) from the Breeders R. Hoopman from Nieuwegein, who had only one competitor. “Tesoro Mio is a sufficiently developed colt, long-lined, with weak muscularity. He is long-legged and stands out favorably in movement with a softness. He could change well at a gallop, and compared to the best filly he could have acted a little more firmly in the leg The back is on the trot,” explained Brecht Dorr, who refereed with Luke Smitsers and Henk Dirksen. “Today we make Très Jolie Champion and she has also received a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd. He is a very attractive pony with a lot of neck and a strong headline. She can walk very well, turns well in her hard trot and has good balance in the trot. We would like to invite this filly To examine the national dowry.”

Source: KWPN

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