China: European carbon dioxide tax bad for the climate

China: European carbon dioxide tax bad for the climate

The time has come in 2023: the European Union wants to introduce a new border tax step by step. For example, anyone who wants to import Chinese steel that has caused a lot of emissions during production, has to pay a carbon dioxide tax on it.

The border tax is meant to protect European companies. They will have to do a lot of green space in the coming years and that costs money. To ensure that these European companies do not outperform the competition, it has become more expensive to buy products from companies outside of Europe, but also more polluting.

Economic damage

China is not happy about that. As a major producer of steel and cement, the Chinese will be hit hard by the new tax.

A spokesman for China’s Ministry of Environment and Environment said the new tax was not in line with World Trade Organization rules. It will undermine mutual trust in the global community and the prospects for economic growth.

This economic growth is necessary to do something about climate change, according to the Chinese. It is precisely the carbon dioxide tax that will damage countries’ willingness and ability to do something about climate change, said the speaker.

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