Chicago Mayor Refuses to Meet White Journalists |  abroad

Chicago Mayor Refuses to Meet White Journalists | abroad

Lightfoot is known for its anti-racist agenda and support for Black Lives Matter. The 58-year-old Democrat said she finds it “a shame that half of its population is black, Latino, Asian or Indian, an overwhelming majority of the white press.” “Our media should reflect that multiculturalism.”

The mayor directs news companies to actively hire people of color, give them a chance as journalists, and investigate classified biases.

Ben Shapiro, the Orthodox and conservative Jewish political commentator for The Daily Wire, describes the measure as “ pure racism ” in the podcast. Latin reporter Gregory Pratt of the Chicago Tribune is also critical. Because of this, he said, the newspaper had completed an interview that had been scheduled. “It is not the business of politicians to decide who to write about.”

Black Journalists

Not even the National Association of Black Journalists supports the resolution. The organization says it is a bold act that truly addresses an important topic. “But we never condone the exclusion of journalists, even if it’s just for a day and for clarity,” said the advocate for journalists of color. However, there are also some black and white journalists who talk about action warrant.

Some journalists indicate that the mayor always denies requests for interviews about violations involving minorities. The civilian mother will also complain about requests for public information, as regulated by law.


However, the majority of politicians, commentators, and opinion-makers often sound critical, pessimistic, and shocked. Many Republican commentators, black or Latino, among others, disagree with the mayor’s work.

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“There is a word for this: racism,” says a well-known businessman. A local journalist also talks about racism. According to another, “Martin Luther King turns over in his grave.”

The editor of The Triibe, which has a clear focus on the black community in a third American city, responds positively to the decision. This is a daily struggle of black journalists in Chicago. Let’s talk about it, instead of the people complaining about not being able to get there for a day. “

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