Changes maintenance based on Amazon Care's virtual maintenance

Changes maintenance based on Amazon Care’s virtual maintenance

Amazon, which is known for its e-commerce and on-demand video service, has been testing virtual attention on a large scale in the United States. The program is called Amazon Care And works with a special application. It allows users to text a medical professional or arrange video consultation day and night within a minute. After a pilot with employees in Washington, DC, the program was introduced to all Amazon employees and their families in 50 states. But employees of other companies are also reimbursed for this type of maintenance through their insurance. This has given a whole new perspective to the health sector in the United States.

Virtual maintenance: utility and image bubbles

Amazon Care partners with medical professionals who connect through Amazon Care Apps and usually respond within minutes to messages or video calls. Anyone insured through Amazon Care can sign in to the app 24 hours a day, to request virtual or live visits throughout the year. “We bring emergency and primary care to our patients throughout our needs,” Amazon Care Director Kristen Heldon said in a statement. Fees for Amazon Care services vary depending on the situation, but the company tries to match costs as much as possible with existing employee insurance policies.

The new model, thanks to centralization, reduces many logistical barriers to health care. For example, patients no longer have travel time and no longer need to make an appointment. Healthcare professionals can provide effective care from anywhere they choose, and can also prescribe medications through apps. The logistics are thus expedited, which is convenient and cost effective for all parties.

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Other business parties with virtual attention

Other big business parties in the United States are also busy launching virtual maintenance. A great example is the Walmart Health, an online health site. Employees of this company pay only four dollars per telecare visit. Walmart also has the advantage of physics locations, where attention can also be provided. Amazon, on the other hand, has an edge in terms of digital experience and strategy. The company is also well advanced in integrating pharmaceutical services.

Netherlands & Digitalization

In the Netherlands, the digitalization of healthcare is also landing fast. Video calling for video conferencing and consulting has already begun on a large scale, and we will strive for integrated sites in the future because truly effective digitalization requires criteria. However, we have not yet seen large-scale frauds in business ventures like the one going on in the United States.

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