Carlo Boszard is disappointed by the ambiguous discussion with Angela de Jong

Carlo Boszard is disappointed by the ambiguous discussion with Angela de Jong

Angela said at that time in jink She believes that there are a lot of programs that focus on celebrities. But Carlo, who can also be seen in disguised singerTotally disagree, and the discussion began. On the talk show, he said, among other things, “No, I don’t agree with that. Angela is a little involved on the Dutch Celebrity Tour. It doesn’t matter, she can say that.” Back in the past, he thinks he should have done things differently: “Fortunately, I knew that Angela VIP chase Better than the regular version, but I didn’t come up with that title, so I struggled a bit.”

He continues, “After having a nice drink with the same Angela, I came home. My friend’s comment was not long. Not good, very emotional, I felt sorry for Angela, good night.”

However, the presenter was tottering in bed due to his performance and could not sleep. “I should have done it differently. If I hadn’t thought of something nice, I would never sleep. Fortunately, my thoughts go to Israel (Van Dongen, editor) who, exactly two years after escaping in a tuxedo with bows and a new coupe, de The most beautiful TV award wins the award. An evening like this can’t go wrong, of course. I can’t get past that with the sweetest dream.”

Carlo’s entire column is Here He read a second time.

By the way, the new season of disguised singer Officially exploded. It can be seen every Friday evening on RTL 4 for the next nine weeks and just before kick-off we spoke with presenter Ruben Nikolai. Now you can see what he had to say about the new season in the video below.

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