Canadian MP naked in dust after a video meeting

Canadian MP naked in dust after a video meeting

A member of Canada’s House of Commons got caught in dust with colleagues after a misstep in a video meeting with other lawmakers. There he appeared nearly naked in front of the camera last week.

Screenshot, owned by the Canadian News Agency, shows Liberal Party politician William Amos standing between the flags of Canada and Quebec. His private parts were covered in what looked like a cell phone.

A member of the opposition pointed to Amos’ mistake at the meeting, and accurately indicated that male MPs are legally required to wear a jacket and tie, as well as a shirt, underwear, and pants. The Loudspeaker She later thanked her for her “notes.”

An external clock could not peep

“This was an unfortunate mistake,” Amos said in a statement afterwards. “My camera accidentally turned on when I was changing after jogging. I sincerely apologize for this unintended distraction. It was a real mistake and it won’t happen again.”

It is unclear how the photos ended up in the news agency, as the photos were only visible to MPs and employees. A colleague of Amos from the Liberal Party said, “This is a warning to everyone.” “You should always assume the camera is on, and make sure you are dressed appropriately when walking around the camera.”

According to him, Amos was “destroyed” by the accident. “I don’t think he had any wrong intentions. It was just an accident.”

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