Canada's House of Commons: China Committing the Uyghur Genocide

Canada’s House of Commons: China Committing the Uyghur Genocide

Canada’s House of Commons has described China’s treatment of the Uyghurs as genocide. Canada is the second country in the world to obtain this qualification, after the United States.

Neoliberal Prime Minister Trudeau and part of his government did not attend the vote. Some members of the coalition and the entire opposition accepted the proposal. The Foreign Minister abstained from the vote.

The vote is likely to lead to tensions between Canada and China. In 2019, a diplomatic hostility has already arisen between the two countries The arrest of a Chinese businesswoman in Canada. The Chinese ambassador to Canada last week warned the Canadian authorities “not to interfere in internal affairs.”

Prevent: not genocide

It is possible that more than a million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities are held in internment camps and detention centers in China’s Xinjiang region. This makes it the largest mass incarceration of ethnic minorities since World War II. to me Testimonials – recommendations at Human rights organizations Women are forced to abort or sterilize in order to combat population growth.

Dutch Foreign Minister Blok wrote that the Netherlands has not yet described this treatment as genocide last week For the House of Representatives. There are widespread human rights violations such as restrictions on births, ”but in order to describe genocide, it is necessary to prove that [het] Imposed with the intention of genocide. “

The Dutch government has repeatedly called on China to accept international observers in the Xinjiang region, but this has not been pursued.

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Reporter Sjoerd den Daas was in Xinjiang last year and reported on it as best he could:

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