Australia launches plan to protect endangered species

Australia launches plan to protect endangered species

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The Australian government will create a third of the land to protect animal and plant species. This is part of a ten-year plan, In the context of restoring nature. It is not yet clear what exactly the government will do to protect those areas.

More than 1,900 species of native animals in Australia are threatened with extinction. This is 8 percent more than in 2016. The main reason for this increase is climate change, which leads to warmer seas, droughts and large forest fires. In addition, parts of nature are being destroyed through mining, urban planning and deforestation.

Nowhere else has the number of mammal species fallen as sharply as in Australia, according to a government environmental report released in July. In it, scientists painted an alarming picture of the state of nature on the continent. “The need to protect our plants, animals and ecosystems from extinction has never been greater,” said Australian Environment Minister Tanya Pleibersk.

In Australia there are animals and plants that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, such as the koala and the platypus. The koala was born at the beginning of this year added to the list of endangered species, because their numbers have fallen sharply in recent years.

The nature restoration plan costs more than 147 million euros and aims to protect 110 of the 1,900 endangered species. Minister Plibersek emphasizes that the remaining animal and plant species are not being ignored. She says they also benefit from the plans.

The goal is to protect twenty nature reserves, such as the Blue Mountains and kelp forests in Tasmania and the Australian Alps. The total area of ​​the protected area in Australia is thus expanded by 50 million hectares. The impact of the measures will be evaluated within five years.

The World Wildlife Fund welcomes the Australian government’s plans, but believes there must be a recovery plan for every endangered species.

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