Father Lacon (28) dies when a gender detection device explodes  Special

Father Lacon (28) dies when a gender detection device explodes Special

International media including The New York Times, NBC News, the Daily Mail and BBC reported the incident.

Christopher Pickney (28) from Liberty Town assembled the device himself. And it exploded on Sunday afternoon. Christopher died. His brother Michael, 27, was injured and had to go to hospital.

The New York Police Department is investigating the explosion. A spokesman told the New York Times that the device that exploded was “some kind of pipe”.

The victim’s older brother, Peter Beckeny Jr., describes the accident as “the most unusual occurrence”.

Disclosure of sex is dangerous

Sex reveal parties have become a hip phenomenon in recent years, as the gender of the baby is shared with friends and family. Usually a launcher is fired from which pink or blue chips fall, cloth or balloons are unfolded, smoke grenades and fireworks are released.

But gender reveal parties do not rarely end up wrong. Americans want “bigger, bigger, bigger”. The BBC spoke of a “series of disasters” linked to the paranoia versions of the party, which also resulted in deaths.

Police said a Michigan man was killed earlier this month after being hit by shrapnel fired from a “small, rifle-like device” while bathing a baby. Additionally, sex reveal parties are said to have sparked wildfires in Arizona (2017) and California (December 2020). In the latest fire in El Dorado, hundreds of people fled their homes and the area raged for a week.

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