Kunnen de Leeuwinnen wereldkampioen Amerika verslaan?

Can the Lions beat the US World Champion?

30 July 2021 FCUpdate.nl publishes its own timetable at the beginning of each day. With a simple overview, we map out what the news of the day is, what specials will be online, what duels are on the show and what football is on TV. Here’s what you can expect on Friday, July 30th.

In matchesNetherlands (Women) – United States (Women) (1:00 PM)
A complete cracker at the Olympics. After being done very easily by the team, the Netherlands will immediately face the pre-appointed title option. However, the American women were disappointed in the group, losing 3-0 to Sweden and not getting more than a draw against Australia (0-0). As a result, Sarina Wickman saw plenty of opportunities to extend her time with the Netherlands.

Genk – Ostend (8:45 PM)
For coach John van den Brom, a second match is already planned. He saved a point against Standard League in the first game, thanks to a goal from Theo Bogonda in the 92nd minute. Summer additions started with Mike Treasure Nightshimie in the starting lineup, while carol editing and serial teasers came as an alternative. Hopefully they will be in the starting lineup against Austent.

Football on TV

13:00: Netherlands – United States, To us And Eurosport, live coverage of the Olympic Games
17:00 pm: Borussia Dortmund – Bologna, ESPN, Direct report of friendly fighting
8.45pm: KRC Genk – KV Ostend, Gigo Sports Football, Live report of the fight in the Jubilee Pro League
9:45 pm: Orange Summer, SBS 6, Sports talk show

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