Process is investing again in Latin America

Process is investing again in Latin America

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Monday, 2 August 2021 14:36

Process is investing 1 billion Brazilian real, converted over 160 160 million, into its Brazilian subsidiary Movile, which is interested in food delivery company iFoods and fintech companies MovilePay and Zoop. The investor in the AEX index announced this on Monday.

Money goes to the further development of iFoods, of which Just Eat Takeaway also plays a big role. It is the fastest growing MovilePay, Zoop and Mensajeros Urbanos, Colombian logistics company in Mexico and Latin America. In addition, the company is looking for new startups.

Roger Raphael, CFO of Process Foods and CEO of Movile, praises Movile’s close association with companies as an investor. Movile’s majority partner is Process.

The strong growth of internet shopping in Latin America is creating more and more demand for logistics centers, and Movile is also investing in FinTech. Third branch gaming focused on the movie. It already reaches 50 million players per month with the PlayKids and Afterverse brands.

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