Can the blue giant moon be seen?

Can the blue giant moon be seen?

The chance of a lot of clouds is slim right now. Photo: Mino Bonkenborg

On the night of Wednesday through Thursday, we are dealing with a super blue moon. In this article we tell you if and when it is clearly visible.

Is there a clear sky?

In order to properly see the blue supermoon, clouds shouldn’t, of course, get in the way. On Wednesday, during the day, it will rain in our country. This is logically accompanied by the necessary withdrawals. However, most showers are reserved for the morning and afternoon. Later in the afternoon and early evening, the rain activity will diminish and move to Germany.

Then follows an evening of dry spells, and the sun also appears regularly until it sets. And it is possible that rain will fall, especially in the coastal governorates. Overnight into Thursday, there is a mix of clouds but also some wide clearings. Most permits are likely to be for the east of the country. Until then there is a chance of rain on the coast.

Do you want to see the giant moon? Then it’s a smart idea not to look too late at night. In the eastern half, the moon is often clearly visible all night. In coastal areas, the month may often be sheltered by a few cloud fields.

What is a supermoon?

In the case of the supermoon, the full moon appears about 7% larger and 14% brighter than normal. In fact, the moon sometimes appears larger and brighter than usual, because the distance between the moon and the earth is not always the same. And one time the moon is closer to the earth than the other time. The reason for this is that the moon does not have a circular orbit, but an elliptical (in the shape of an egg) around the earth.

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Blue supermoon

The second full month within a month is called a blue moon. Since August 1st already has a full month, Thursday is the second full moon of the month. And because it is also a supermoon, we are dealing with a blue supermoon.

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