Cabinet shares European Commission concerns about Poland

Cabinet shares European Commission concerns about Poland

Poland’s highest court announced today that the laws of the European Union Less important than Polish laws. This means that Poland can in principle ignore European rules. The Polish government has been on a collision course with Brussels for some time, due in part to attacks on gays, journalists, and judges.

The ministry has not said anything substantial on this issue so far. “We are studying the verdict,” the spokesman said.

The European Commission said in a written statement earlier today that it was “extremely concerned” about the ruling. The day-to-day administration of the European Union assures that EU law takes precedence over national law.

Crisis within the European Union

In Brussels and Luxembourg, where the European Court of Justice is located, there is a grim response to the verdict of Poland’s highest judge. According to informed sources, the “uprising” of the Polish Constitutional Court could lead to a crisis within the European Union or even the exit of Poland from the European Union.

European Commissioner Didier Reynders (Justice) says the commission will “use all means to ensure that Poland respects the EU agreement”. He declares “quick action” without further explanation.

According to European Parliament Member Jeroen Lenaers (CDA), Poland is moving further and further away from the EU path. “Polish authorities and the ruling PiS claim that they are not looking for Polexit, but it is hard to believe when you look at their actions.

That’s enough, the Polish government has lost credibility with this statement. “The European Union cannot stand idly by while Warsaw undermines the rule of law in this way.”

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send signal

Tineke Strik (GroenLinks) believes that “the Polish government cannot expect to continue to benefit from the benefits of European cooperation if it questions the European legal system”.

She notes that the European Commission, the day-to-day administration of the European Union, has the option of shutting down the money spout. “The commission must do everything in its power to prevent European money from getting into the country. It is important to send a clear signal today: anyone who tampers with EU institutions can expect to be sidelined.”

Tens of billions of euros

Tens of billions of euros are available to Poland in the coming years, among other things to help overcome the economic disadvantage in certain regions of the country and support the transition to a sustainable society.

Poland also presented a spring recovery plan worth 36 billion euros. That plan has not yet been approved by the Commission because it is subject to rule-of-law conditions.

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