Biden criticized the use of fake decor in White House speeches

Biden criticized the use of fake decor in White House speeches

US President Joe Biden speaks from the White House against a “flowered garden” in the background.AFP photo

Indeed, this is reason for vaccine naysayers to believe that the third shot the president has recently received is also fake. Because if the windows and the view aren’t real, why do they think Biden actually got the vaccine? One of the comments on social media was “Fake president, in a fake white house, gets a fake booster.”

The White House has to watch these days as the use of the studio setup in a room where formal meetings are held has become a topic of debate. When Biden received the third shot last week, the White House immediately posted a video of it to Twitter. The unsuspecting viewer got the idea that the president was being vaccinated in one of the lavish rooms of the White House.

Television news and photos in newspapers and news websites gave the impression that the space was real. But the three windows and the digital view are part of a one-meter studio set, complete with Roman columns, in a room in the Eisenhower Building. In this building, opposite the West Wing, Biden’s team created a space that the president and vice president use for virtual conferences, online presentations, and media meetings. Fake wallpaper should give everything an official touch to the White House.

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Hold on to Biden’s Defeat

Biden first used the setup last month for a coronavirus summit with foreign leaders. However, a week later, when the room was used in Biden’s third strike, no one in the White House could have imagined that the fake backdrop would be used as a stick to beat the president. The right-wing media in particular and Trump supporters have emerged eagerly. It says “The Truman Show Presidency.” Fox News Wednesday in an ironic tone, referring to the movie in which actor Jim Carrey lives on a TV without knowing it.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson asked on Twitter: “Why does Joe Biden feel the need to use a fake White House across the street from the actual White House?” “Nothing real with these guys,” tweeted anti-extremist Charlie Kirk, leader of the right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA. “And should we trust them in all our personal decisions about our health?”

However, the White House does not see the problem. It is said that Biden was never said in meetings to speak from the Oval Office or any other real space in the White House. “Bullshit,” is what the official calls posts on social media that say Biden’s booster shot must have been fake as well. These are the same people who are preventing the country from conquering the epidemic. There is nothing reasonable to say about this kind of nonsense.

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