Brussels is the last with the lowest vaccination rate in Western Europe: "We must make life as difficult as possible for unvaccinated people"

Brussels is the last with the lowest vaccination rate in Western Europe: “We must make life as difficult as possible for unvaccinated people”

Exactly half of the population of the Brussels-Capital Region has received at least one coronavirus vaccination, writes the time. This means that the vaccination rate in Brussels is much lower than the vaccination rate in Flanders (78 percent) and Wallonia (67 percent). Marc Knobin, CEO of the University Hospital Brussels (UZ Brussel), confirmed himself this week that a man with a plan. He believes that people who do not want to be vaccinated “should make life as difficult as possible” so that they have no choice but to ask for the shot.

Vaccination in the Brussels-Capital Region is in the doldrums. “This is a typical urban phenomenon that is also observed in other major cities,” Knobin said. past hour. He added that Brussels’ numbers could be compared to London’s.

London and Brussels share a small and diverse population. There will be another in Brussels Serious poverty problem at the top. The vaccination rate is much lower in the poorer canal region than in the richer south, you know the time. Despite the range of initiatives, it is still very difficult to reach large parts of the population.

However, Brussels is also a concern among the major cities. Our capital hangs below when comparing the capitals of the richest European countries. In Berlin and Amsterdam, 62 percent of the population has been vaccinated at least once. In Ile-de-France, the area around Paris, the rate is 67 percent.

Information from Whatsapp groups

Part of this has to do with the fact that some communities follow national media less and are not easily accessible through mainstream channels, Knobin said in the statement. Brussels Times. “We are having a hard time accessing these communities. They get their information from the internet or Whatsapp groups.

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To convince the skeptics, “We have to go to these groups ourselves. That way we can convince the ones we can’t.” “And we have to make it as difficult as possible for the unvaccinated.”

Quidd Antwerp?

In Antwerp – Belgium’s most populous municipality – there are no such problems with vaccination coverage, but Knobin emphasized that this is not a fair comparison.

“Brussels has 185 nationalities and 70 languages, Brussels is the only international city in Belgium,” said Knobin. “However, it is true that we have waited a long time to reach the citizens.”

Furthermore, he advocates going to the communities themselves rather than expecting them to come to major vaccination centres.

Vaccine packages

Brussels health authorities are already making a number of efforts to reach as many people as possible, using social media, posters and special campaigns in the municipalities.

In addition, “vaccine buses” are also deployed throughout the city to reach the most dangerous areas with low vaccination coverage, as well as at events. People can go in for a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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