Brievenmaandag on GTA 6, Lies of P @ The Game Awards

Brievenmaandag on GTA 6, Lies of P @ The Game Awards

And even after this Sunday, like it or not, Monday will follow. We checked it this morning just to be sure. But it was actually true. This means we’re gearing up for a new work week and answering a bunch of pressing questions from the community. Answered in the new edition of Monday Letters. After all these years, it seems our viewers are still full of issues. We still have the answers ready. Today Jelle, Koos, and Shelly are ready to read emails and posts on Discord and provide a convincing answer. Such as questions about the upcoming Game Awards, the announcement of the arrival of the GTA 6 demo, the difficulty of games like Lies of P and Bloodborne, and games you can investigate like Alan Wake 2. The answers to all of these questions and more are available, see and hear in the Monday Letters edition on Monday, November 13, 2023.

Are we also out to get a GTA 6 or has the hype around this franchise died down a bit?

We got it all to ourselves last week. Or you must be living very deep under a rock. Rockstar has announced that it will release a GTA 6 trailer in early December, however, there are also players who are not looking forward to it. Do we realize this feeling or not?

What are the six games that will compete for the GOTY at The Game Awards?

Game Awards nominations will be announced Monday evening. Six games will compete for the grand prize, GOTY 2023. Which games are included and which are excluded? How do we deal with games that are a little difficult for us? Do we leave it aside or do we continue the struggle? You’ll get all the answers in this new edition of Letters Monday.

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