Iwan Reerink en Jildert Hijlkema presenteren het nieuwe zandwinningsplan bij Een (Rechten: RTV Drenthe/Jasmijn Wijnbergen)

Bottom of the sand extraction lake Time for a new sand extraction area for the United States view

Sand extraction company K3 Delta already has those locations in mind. With the new projects, about 3 million cubic meters of sand will be extracted. This allows the company to progress for about 10 to 15 years. “We still have a little sand, but we need to expand,” says project leader Evan Reering.

Without sand?

The land next to the existing sand extraction lake will not be returned at once. Little by little a new piece of land is used to extract the sand. But before that can happen, permission must first be granted.

“New permits should be available after the summer because we are now at risk of getting out of the sand,” Reering says. The company has met many times with the concerned parties because everyone needs to be told about the new projects.

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The eye of nature

New projects should also benefit nature. “We want to build 12 hectares, about 24 football fields, at the southern tip of the project,” explains project employee Gildert Hijkema. “The shores of the extensive sand extraction area will be designed to have a lot of variation underwater. This is important for fish and coastal vegetation.”

In addition, there is an absolutely part of nature. Hijkema: “We’m thinking of wet and dry heathland here, but we’m also thinking of wooden banks. They are important breeding grounds for songbirds.”

Entertainment area

There will also be a recreational area near the sand extraction area. People can go hiking and mountain biking. “It’s really worth it, the area is becoming more accessible, now it’s not like that.”

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The scheme is not implemented simultaneously and overall the company can use it for 10 to 15 years.

Watch the video below about the USA Sand Extraction Pond:

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