Coffee Rooster Fabian: "Starbucks Coffee once came from a Western Frisian!"

Coffee Rooster Fabian: “Starbucks Coffee once came from a Western Frisian!”

Coffee roster Fabian Schmidt was inspired by ‘the Dutchman who taught America to drink coffee’: Alfred Pete. The founders of Starbucks learned the ropes of roasting coffee from Alfred in the 1970s. Eventually, Fabian re-trained with someone who had learned the trade from Alfred, so the circle ended up in western Bryceland. Reporter Sander Huisman went to have a cup of coffee with Fabian and watched the coffee roast.

Fabian Schmidt of Hooray was originally asked to be a graphic designer and design the home style of a coffee brand. He was still looking for a good hobby, so he entered the company. But before everything could get off to a good start, both of his associates left the project. This is how Fabian, the remaining owner of the Western Frisian coffee roster, is. He still enjoys roasted coffee four years later.

Coincidentally, Fabian discovered that he was related to his neighbor, Alfred Pete. He discovered that the man who brought good coffee to the United States in the 1970s was West Frisian Alfred. Not only that; Starbucks founders come to Alfred to learn the business. When Fabian learns that Alfred’s alumnus has come to live in De Ridge from the United States, he does not hesitate for a moment and asks her to learn the tricks of the trade.

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When Fabian talks about collaborations in the region, it becomes clear what the West Frisian is about coffee. Soap, beer and peanut butter are made with his coffee. And he expects even more collaborations in the future. But is coffee really West Frisian? Probably: in a greenhouse next to his rooster in Vaughan, they see if coffee plants can grow there: “We also have a vineyard in Vaughan, so never say no”, Fabian says confidently.

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