PAHO urges Latin American and Caribbean countries to prioritize Govt vaccine

PAHO urges Latin American and Caribbean countries to prioritize Govt vaccine

In Latin America and the Caribbean, only 1 in 10 people are vaccinated

After the promise of the G7 countries ( Donate 1 billion vaccines to countries in need (, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Karisa F., to prioritize Latin America and the Caribbean. Etienne insisted. “The most affected countries should be given priority,” he said.

During his weekly press conference, he pointed out that only one in ten people in Latin America and the Caribbean has been fully vaccinated against Govt-19. “Yet we are a region with a population of over 600 million, where infections are on the rise, hospitals are overcrowded and variations are rapidly circulating,” he said, adding that “vaccines are urgently needed today.”

Dr. Reporting on the deadly path of the epidemic, Etienne reported more than 1.1 million new COVID-19 infections and 31,000 deaths in the Pan-American region, including the United States and Canada, in the past week. In recent weeks, four of the five countries with the highest weekly deaths in the world are in the Pan-American region.

“While vaccines are needed everywhere, we hope that the G7 countries will prioritize doses to high-risk countries,” he said, referring to those in Latin America and the Caribbean, where not enough vaccines have yet been obtained to protect even the most vulnerable.

At the same time, vaccination acceptance is high in Latin America and the Caribbean, where “people want the opportunity to be vaccinated,” he said. “I want to make it clear that the main problem in the Pan-American region is access to vaccines and not the adoption of vaccines. In Latin America and the Caribbean, we believe in the long tradition of vaccines and the vitality of vaccines. Until then PAHO will work tirelessly to get vaccines in every corner of our region. In addition to vaccines, the region needs financial assistance for additional products, ”he said. The region needs to increase its own vaccine production.

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I would like to remind citizens that vaccines approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) and administered by Kovacs have been thoroughly reviewed by experts. So when it comes to your method of vaccination, embrace what you have available and do not delay your vaccination, “he said, urging everyone to make sure they get a second dose.

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