Bitcoin price rises again, US prints $ 1.900 billion and hacks light bitcoin

Bitcoin price rises again, US prints $ 1.900 billion and hacks light bitcoin

We look back on a week full of news about the Internet’s first great innovation price, the market and the technology around Bitcoin. Read the weekly overview for the 9th week of 2021.

Bitcoin miners sell less

It fell to $ 46,000 and then fell to $ 46,294 before climbing to a temporary high of $ 52,653 on Wednesday this week. At the time of writing, the price is up again with an improvement of $ 51,000.

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A common party miners to sell bitcoin, they daily B 900 PTC. Called one of the most useful indicators to monitor the activities of miners
Mine Workers Status Index (MBI) Van On-Chain Analyst Crypto Quant.

This indicator says something about the ratio between the number of bitcoins leaving the wallet of miners and the moving average of this indicator. This value has been above 2 for a very long time, but is now falling below the zero line, which is an indication that sales pressure is declining.

Micro Strategy buys Bitcoin again

Micro Strategy buys 205 bitcoins for $ 10 million, which significantly expands the PTC shares of the publicly traded company. The counter is now 91,604 PTC.

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Biden could launch $ 1,900 billion support package, which is good for Bitcoin?

The U.S. Senate has also approved Joe Biden’s bill to invest $ 1.9 trillion in the U.S. economy. No Reports Bloomberg News Agency. Earlier, the House of Representatives agreed.

Supporters of the support package point out that many homes and companies are at risk of exploding and really need support. Enemies wonder if aid packages of this size are necessary.

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The US Federal Reserve has already added more than $ 3,000 billion by 2020 to save US companies from the Corona crisis. Moreover, Americans have already received two checks from their government, especially to save the country’s poor from personal bankruptcy.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is pouring an additional 600 600 billion into the European economy to prevent further recession.

Bitcoin exchange wants to raise more money from the Cragan market

Following in the footsteps of Coinbase, which is soon to go public, Cragan also wants to grow faster. The total value of the company is estimated at $ 20 billion. In a new financial round, director Jesse Powell wants to give his company more financial strength. Cragan wants to go public in the long run, but for now they are still looking for private investors.

In fact, rival Coinbase is valued at a pre-market value of $ 100 billion. These are signs that transfer offices are growing rapidly in the US market.

Dutch broker lightbid hacked, attackers demand ransom of 7 bitcoins

Dutch broker Lightbite was attacked by a hack this week. Attackers steal large amounts of personal data from private investors. They demand 7 bitcoins in the ransom, otherwise the data will end up on the street. However, Lightbid refuses to give this up, they say in a reply.

In other Dutch news: Dutch broker Nakken receives registration from Netherlands Bank. For Hub Bitcoin we talked to Peter John Tadema of Crypto 2 Cash, who is going to Estonia as the Bitcoin companies there have a better business environment.

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John McAfee earned $ 13 million with pump and dump projects

Famous and infamous American John McAfee is negative in the news. He is accused by US authorities of several crimes, including (property) taxation and bond fraud and money laundering.

Actively promoting alternative cryptocurrencies and initial currency incentives (ICOs) is a criminal offense in the United States, and McAfee is said to have earned $ 13 million without paying taxes.

The American is still trapped in Spain, and the United States is involved in the extradition process.

Podcast of the Week: Raul Paul

Raoul Paul, the founder of Real Vision and a tried and tested professional in the professional investment world, vomited by hardcore bitcoins because he also invests money in alternative cryptocurrencies. But this broadcast with fellow countryman Peter McCormack reveals an interesting conversation about the mechanisms in the current bitcoin market.

Why Bitcoin is a ‘perfect fit’ for insurers and decision making at major parties is very slow. In Paul’s view, it takes an average of 9 to 12 months for a company to make an actual investment.

They also discuss the problem that is often asked of private investors: ‘Where is the price of bitcoin?’

According to Paul, the price will rise to $ 100,000 per person before July, and it is time for private investors to make some profit. They have a lower investment horizon than professional investors, who have owned an asset in their balance sheet for decades. The mass mutual example of buying 100 million in Bitcoin is also discussed.

Listen to what is being broadcast here

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Tweet of the week: Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes is the co-founder of the 100X Group, the parent company behind BitMex, a reputable exchange where you can trade in bitcoin transfers (futures without a predetermined deadline).

Hayes is suspected by U.S. authorities of having served U.S. businessmen without a business license. Nevertheless, he finds time to write, including this interesting blog, in which he discusses the status of bitcoin in relation to the bankrupt currency system, inflation and other types of investment.

One of Hayes’ thesis in the article: Raising interest rates is the “nuclear option” for central banks. This option is currently not explicit because it will have catastrophic consequences for the yield of government securities and real estate. As is well known, pension funds are required to hold x percent of government bonds.

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